These Graphic Designs by Steven Courtney are Playful

Employing a gentle balance between geometric shapes and soft colors in his drawings, Steven Courtney creates wonderful sci-fi and fantasy-themed artwork.

Many of his illustrations feature what could be regarded as segments of a narrative, images accompanying chapters in a novel. While it is never clear where the characters are coming from, where they are going or why exactly it is that a towering robot is after them, it is clear that these images belong in an epic story.

Other designs include whimsical graphics of cross-themed imagery. Santa Claus vs. The Martians would make a perfect gift card for any sci-fi fan on your holiday list, as would the Christmas-themed Bloodthirsty Robot from outer space. Steven Courtney's illustrations are not only imaginative, but are also extremely fun and welcoming. The artist's work would complement a children's fantasy story beautifully.