SkinzNhydez's Steampunk Cuff Has Spinning LED Lights

 - Apr 8, 2013
References: & obviouswinner
This epic steampunk cuff by SkinzNhydez is inspired by badass weaponry from Bioshock. In good steampunk fashion it possesses that intriguing and surreal look.

The device is actually quite brilliant. It can simply transfer between being a vicious hook to a striking blade. Each weapon possesses intricate detail of rivets and grooves with impressive shading techniques and is made of aircraft grade aluminum.

The steampunk cuff also has a spinning LED light which gives it the illusion of containing a powerful charge capable of inflicting omnipotent damage. It's really only an intimidating effect, though. Although, if you were to get in an altercation with someone wearing one of these devices, and it started charging up, the only reasonable option would be to run in the other direction.