The Swiffer Steamboost Uses the Power of Steam to Clean Tough Messes

 - Feb 18, 2016
References: swiffer
The Steamboost from Swiffer is a revolutionary device that helps homeowners keep their floors clean. One of the problems with traditional mops is that they often move dirt around instead of removing it from a surface. This device uses the power of steam to help homeowners clean up the messes that most mops leave behind.

The Steamboost combines Swiffer's user-friendly design with Bissell technology in order to harness the cleaning power of steam. To use the Steamboost, users simply attach a disposable pad to the bottom of the Swiffer and then fill the top compartment with water. The steam activates the cleaning solution in the pads to break down and dissolve dirt on contact. When users are finished cleaning, the pads can be disposed of for hassle-free cleanup.

Safe for use on linoleum, wood, laminate, marble and nearly any other surface, the Bissell-powered Swiffer is the perfect alternative to messy mops.