The StayLocked Bike Will Deter Thieves Immediately

 - Sep 13, 2011
References: designbenign & wired
The StayLocked Bike uses an ostensibly tamper-proof design that prevents thieves from nabbing your several-hundred-dollar cycle. Its inventor Andrew Leinonen made the modification himself and genuinely displays his engineering ability.

The idea that powers the StayLocked Bike is simple, yet surprisingly effective. Normally, cyclists employ bar locks (or worse yet, chain locks) that can be broken without damaging the actual bike. While a Kryptonite lock might keep the amateurs away from your sweet ride, most professional thieves wouldn't even bat an eye the safety measure. Andrew Leinonen's design, however, has the lock integrated into the frame of the bike which means that potential burglars would have to spend hours sawing away at the rear.

Really, any attempt to steal the StayLocked Bike would force you to break the entire frame. The perfect deterrent!