The Tauka Statement Jewelry Collection is Lustrously Dazzling

Intensely lavish and extravagant, the Tauka statement jewelry collection, designed by Birgit Toke Tauka Frietman, adorns the body in a sensually sculptural way.

All of the pieces are chunky and bold, yet have a delicate elegance that evokes feminine allure and seduction. The standout designs are the necklaces that are meant to be worn on the back. An exorbitant pyramid statement necklace with a thick gold collar creates a sculptural landscape along the shoulders and upper back, which will look amazing when worn with a completely backless gown. Another features a thin round collar with a waterfall of jewels cascading down to the lower back, creating a sexy minimalist look that enhances the curvature of a woman's spine.

The Tauka statement jewelry collection is intensely bold and figure-flattering.