'Star Wars The Blueprint' Shows the Creation of a Cultural Phenomenom

It's well-known in the entertainment community that there are fewer fans more passionate about their love of a franchise like Star Wars fans, and now a book featuring the architectural origins of the iconic film, entitled 'Star Wars: The Blueprint,' is going to provide those fervent fans with an in-depth look into how the film was conceptualized.

The 'Star Wars: The Blueprint' book features the highly detailed architectural drawings in an exclusive large format, limited edition offering. Many of the illustrations in Star Wars: The Blueprint were designed by J.W. Rinzler, the Executive Editor at Lucasfilm Ltd. He was also responsible for hand selecting the more than 200 legendary images that fill the pages of the oversized book.

Lucasfilm Ltd is only releasing 5,000 English language copies of 'Star Wars: The Blueprint,' 1000 of which will be signed, making both truly coveted collector's items for fans of the series. The book will be available starting September 15th, 2011.