Stance Socks Will Accentuate Your Ankles and Your Overall Look

 - Jul 19, 2011
References: karmaloop
Stance Socks is a new label that is really revolutionizing stocking design! Prior to Stance Socks, it was feasible for people to not care in the least about what sort of knitted garment they would wear over their feet and ankles... Fortunately, Stance Socks are here to rev up your stocking selection.

Stance socks are sometimes crazy, sometimes surreal and always playful. Coming in a huge variety of prints and colors there are a ton of options for adorning your toes! Take, for example, the Stance Socks "Gypsy" socks seen here with a photo-realistic collage of various nomad-themed pictures. These Stance socks boast a really interesting take on the classic undergarment and challenge perceptions of the often overlooked article of clothing. In the past few years women's tights and pantyhose have gotten creative with the variety of patterns and shapes and materials used, and it seems that Stance Socks is following suit with the men's (and women's) garment we know and love.

Another awesome pair of Stance Socks pictured here is the "Harrington" socks seen in the featured gallery in a black, blue and white pattern. The socks are a complex pattern with contrasting colors. Imagine what these shoes would look like with a cool pair of saddle shoes or some ankle boots. Suddenly, the garment paid attention to least by men and women the globe-over becomes the centerpiece of the outfit. These socks are playful and fun and would inject interest into the wardrobe of anyone from the out-of-the-box advertising agent to the Southern California skater. Stance Socks are sometimes silly, but always hip, cool and creative.

Stance Socks are available at Karmaloop.

Implications - Socks are almost laughably boring. Adding creativity to something as mundane as a pair of socks shows a willingness among designers to reinvent anything. Stance socks take an average piece of underwear and make them genuinely unique garments. Corporal adornment should not only refer to couture gowns and high heels, it should refer to a new wave of people wishing to express themselves via the clothing choices they make.