Springtime's 'Person Parking' Gives Street Space to Pedestrians

 - May 20, 2009   Updated: Apr 4 2011
References: springtime.nl & yankodesign
“Person Parking” by designer Springtime is returning street parking to pedestrians.

The design is part of a competition called “Duepercinque,” which aims to allot street space to more than just cars. The design by Springtime opts for a cement block with “Person Parking” signs.

Certainly an interesting way for pedestrians to reclaim some space in a car culture!

Implications - Urban sprawl has caused many metropolitan areas to lose sight of their culture, removing parks and public playgrounds to create parking garages and other paved spaces. Consumers and organizations are joining forces to fight back by staging guerrilla sit-ins and similar events that transform parking spots into areas of play, conversation and public discourse.