The SpeakSee System Uses AI to Translate Conversations to Text

 - Jun 27, 2018
References: speak-see & digitaltrends
A new crowdfunding campaign has been created by a group of Netherlands-based innovators hoping to fund its SpeakSee system, an accessibility device aimed at helping hearing-impaired individuals. Designed as a multi-mic system, the device is capable of accurately transcribing conversations for deaf users and can render all audio into a multi-person script format. This script can be viewed on a connected smartphone or tablet, with words being transcribed in different colors for quick conversation identification.

The ability to accurately transcribe conversations lies in the smart technology integrated into the SpeakSee system. The use of an AI neural network allows the device to isolate and recognize conversations, while beamforming technology allows the SpeakSee system to isolate specific speech and filter out background noise. An array of sensors automatically adjust the various microphones in the device to meet different conversational dynamics.