The A Perfect Guide 'Southern District' Photoshoot is Nerdy

The A Perfect Guide 'Southern District' editorial brandishes a geek-chic look via its pairings of rounded vintage glasses and deep red lipstick. It is here that model Alla Kostromichova channels a 1970s classroom with her straightened locks and thick eyebrows.

Stylist Toby Grimditch paired deep green ties with loose plaid overcoats, kilts and heavy knits. As these pieces are warm and easy to layer, Southern District comes across as quite practical despite the nerdy undertones and notes of vintage fashion.

Photographer Stefan Zchernitz took Kostromichova both outdoors and indoors, all the while capturing her before muted grey, white and black backdrops. The serious tones come from Kostromichova's blank expression, prompting viewers to focus on the A Perfect Guide's ensembles above all else.