The Sound Torck Speaker Adds Fiery Visuals To Your Music

 - May 28, 2015
References: thesoundtorch & gizmag
The Sound Torch is a portable Bluetooth speaker that is fitted with a built-in pyro board that lines fires up in different formations based on the kind of music being played. The speaker works by creating flames based on the sound of whatever music is emitted.

The pyro board element features a grid of small holes through which gas is pushed out. Gas levels are determined by music sound waves, the end result being spectacular displays of flames that seem to dance and weave in time with the music.

The developers of the Sound Torch are also working on an app that would allow users to interact directly with the board and use it as an artificial fire even when not playing music.

This neat device is currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign. A pledge of $160 will get you set up with one of these fiery Bluetooth sound monsters.