The Sony Echo Lets You Record and Share the History of a Donated Item

 - Oct 18, 2011
References: yankodesign
The Sony Echo is a unique gadget concept "that records the life story of a secondhand product." The Sony Echo lets you record your history with the object, whether it be a piece of furniture or a phone, so that future owners will have an easier time using it or understanding what makes it special.

The Sony Echo records sound and then turns it into a physical stamp that can be imprinted onto the object. No details have been given as to how to retrieve the digital recording, but I would guess that it would be through some form of QR code scanner.

The Sony Echo was designed by Shen Hao Cheng, a Chinese design student participating in Sony's ECONNECT design workshop. A used item stamp may sound a bit silly, but I actually think it would help improve the sale of secondhand goods. Imagine being able to learn the whole history of a used sofa or table simply by scanning a QR code.