Earbuds Cassette Packaging Houses Audio Accessories in an Old Tape

 - Mar 5, 2014
References: behance.net & packagingoftheworld
Alyssa Phillips came up with Sony Earbuds Cassette packaging for a school assignment, requiring students to make use of a found object as a wrapper for a related product. This young designer acquired an old cassette tape, removed the ribbon and cleverly wound up a pair of headphones into it.

The reels have been replaced with the wrapped wires of a pair of earphones. Without the tape inside of the casing, the gaps in the bottom are open for the escape of the audio accessories. The heads of the small personal speakers can then be nestled perfectly into the two little holes of the spool hubs.

To dress it up Sony Earbuds Cassette packaging, a special sticker was applied, describing the specs of the listeners where one might expect to see album information.