This Sofa by Can Guvenir Seems to Stretch to Accommodate More Sitters

 - Jan 28, 2012
The primary difference between an armchair and a couch is the length of the latter, and a feature which this contemporary sofa by Can Guvenir seems determined to accentuate. The peculiar composition of the piece delivers the impression that it did actually begin with a much shorter frame.

Each of the identical solid sides of the chesterfield would be constructed into rigid geometric forms from polyurethane to shape a seat, an armrest and a backrest. They would then be covered in leather to add a an element of softness and sophistication. Thick wooden supports appear to angle the halves upwards towards the inside, revealing a level lumber chair embedded in the middle. Like a separated loveseat, this sofa by Can Guvenir accommodates a third sitter in the center, or a place to serve as a side table for books and beverages.