The Snarkitecture Shelve Series Looks Like It's Been Broken Off of a Cave Wall

 - Feb 14, 2014
References: snarkitecture
If you're looking for an organic touch to your interior decor, check out the Snarkitecture Shelve Series. The collection of floating shelves balances a eccentric contemporary style with references to the some of the textures that you would find in nature. Using the materials of fiberglass and lacquered wood, the designer has been able to sculpt objects that have rough surfaces like eroded stone.

Available in lengths of 24, 36 and 48 inches, the wall-mounted products come in depths of between 6 and a remarkable 15 inches. The tops and edges of the Snarkitecture Shelves have been cut and smoothed out so that they're perfectly straight and flat, creating significant formal contrasts with the tremendously jagged undersides. The'll hold your books and decorations beautifully while casting intriguing shadows beneath.