The Snapfocus Eliminates Blurry Shots Using Brakes from a Bike

 - Jun 12, 2012
References: kickstarter & petapixel
Trying to focus one’s camera while on-the-go during a busy filming session can be difficult, but the SnapFocus has incorporated a novel type of mechanism to make this process less cumbersome.

Unless the project at hand is shooting a remake of the Blair Witch Project, shaky camera work and blurry shots are not generally desirable. Using a brake lever from a bicycle, the camera mount steadies a DSLR on one’s shoulder and pulling its two levers automatically turns the camera lens to focus the shot without blurring it due to camera shake.

While it certainly looks strange, the device seems to be effective in terms of solving a problem most filmmakers encounter during their career—focusing the lens without shaking the camera in the process.