'Snacks in America' Apparently Need to be Controlled

The 'Snacks in America' infographic by Dandy shows that, as the typical lifestyle changes, so do eating habits. In today's society, people are busier than ever before. This means less time to have full meals and instead, just grabbing quick snacks here and there. This harmful pattern only continues to grow, especially in adults.

Retail sales of snack foods are rising every year and by 2015, it's estimated that sales will be up to $77 billion. As good as snacking is, it can also be detrimental to one's health. Some people snack even when they're not hungry, but simply because it has become a habit. This can lead to over-consumption of junk food and tons of calories. If people are going to grab a bite, try something healthy like whole-grain toast or a piece of fruit.