Smoking Mitten By Tobias Wong

 - Feb 18, 2007
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Tobias Wong, one of the most prolific and innovative designers I know, created this mitten way back in 2004, but I just had to include this today because the concept is as strong as ever, and I guess I just think it's funny. Anyone who lives in a cold weather location, and likes to smoke will have discovered that new laws here in the U.S. prevent people from lighting up in bars and restaurants. I'm all for this law, but for the people who have to feed their habit they would have to freeze their hands on a cold winter's night just to enjoy a smoke. Fret no more, smokers. Now you have available the smoking mitten. Two simple, well positioned holes in the mitten between the index and middle fingers now keep you warm and toasty and full of nicotine. Thank you Mr. Wong.