Dining Table + Pop Up Refrigerator

 - Nov 5, 2006
References: gorenje & 365.mk
At the 100% Design show, Gorenje launched an innovation in appliance technology: The Smart Table - a dining table with a pop-up refrigerator, which was unveiled as a commercially-available product for the first time, and is going on sale around Europe in summer 2007. The Smart Table is more than just a whimsical vision of the future for Gorenje - it's actually a major part of the company's proactive development of new technology and functionality to keep up with and even pre-empt changing homes and changing lifestyles.

Head of the Gorenje Design Centre, Janez Smerdelj, says, “Our primary concern here at Gorenje, and the basis of all of our market research, is consumer satisfaction, and how the end user's needs and wishes in the living quarters of the household are changing with time."

At the touch of a remote control button, a circular refrigerator, containing glass shelves and food trays, rises from the centre of the appliance. It is the perfect size for bread, milk, beverages, condiments, fruit, veg and desserts.