The Smart Strap by Grape Effect is Small, Flexible and Multi-Purpose

 - May 24, 2014
References: strapya-world & gadgetsin
The Smart Strap is a small, unobtrusive and versatile smartphone accessory that sticks itself to the back of a smartphone with the use of two suction cups. This forms a handle or a strap for your phone, which makes it that much easier to snap a selfie photo.

As well as being able to hold onto a phone directly, the Smart Strap can also be used to stick the phone to other surfaces, or used to tidy up headphone cords or other cables neatly.

The small, flexible and sucker-like Smart Strap is made by 'Grape EffecT,' available in a range of colors and sells for just about $6. Considering that it's just a suction cup accessory, it would probably be just fine with any type of phone.