The Smart Mailbox Sorts Messages and Informs Recipients of Their Arrival

 - Dec 13, 2013
The Smart Mailbox is an innovative alternative to the rows and rows of metal lockers that you typically find in offices and apartment buildings. For a particularly large structure, you may need more than one of these, yet this cutting-edge letterbox does great to make message collection compact and the distribution process secure.

Yun Young Ho, An Young Gun and Lee Hyung Sub conceived a cylindrical compartment with a built-in computer and keypad. When the mailman feeds an envelope into the single slot on top, the programmed Smart Mailbox reads the name and texts a notification to that particular person. The recipient interacts with the innovative postcard vault by typing in his or her unit number. Combined with a password, the letter box has sufficient information to spit the correct correspondence from the slit in its bottom.