The Sma Wash Faucet Delivers a Clean Controled Stream By Touch Commands

 - Jun 21, 2012
References: & yankodesign
The Sma Wash Faucet simultaneously showcases the simplicity of a cleansing spring and the seductive futuristic possibilities of such interior fixtures. It displays the pure beauty of a clean stream of liquid, yet its shape, flow and temperature are dictated by a system of controls.

Su Jian Xiong included a dial-shaped touchpad at the top of the tap where one can initiate and customize his preferred cascade settings. But since we've seen technology similar to this before, what's most unique about the smart Sma Wash Faucet is not just in its digitized operation but the way that it seeks to form a relationship between the natural resource and the user. A broad glass plate guides the water from a wide to a narrower jet and lets you witness its movement behind the glossy transparent surface.