Slot Boks by Thomas Jenkins Keeps Novels Standing with a Cord on a Track

 - Jan 10, 2012
The conventional concept of the bookend has been reimagined in Slot Boks by Thomas Jenkins. It has been built right into this playful piece as a curious sliding cord fed vertically through a slit in the cubby.

Assembled as two backless boxes made from a winsome pale wood, the short shelf is propped up by four small cylindrical legs that have been painted vivid orange in color. This rich tangerine is matched by a pair of spherical toggles. These extend the bookend tether from top to bottom within the narrow gap between the adjacent frames.

The cord is thus able to be guided from left to right, creating a slender support for a stack of novels set upright. Slot Boks by Thomas Jenkins is a lovely lighthearted storage solution that would be an endearing addition to a child's bedroom.