Snooze Comfortably With the Sleep Assisting Cooling Pad

 - Jul 27, 2011
References: hammacher & 7gadgets
In the middle of summer, it can often be difficult to fall asleep due to the intense heat, but with the Sleep Assisting Sleeping Pad, falling asleep will be a breeze. The gel-filled pad helps you drift off into a deep slumber with its ability to reduce the surface temperature of your skin to several degrees below the temperature of the toasty room you may be in. It then continues to absorb unnecessary body heat for another 45 minutes, at which point you will be sleeping peacefully.

The Sleep Assisting Cooling Pad cools down without the use of refrigeration or electrical power. It simply lays on your bed or under your sheets. What's even cooler (pun intended) is that as you naturally move around in your sleep and change positions without affecting the interesting pad.