The Skystream Hybrid 6 Combines the Two Most Popular Renewable Sources

 - Oct 13, 2011
References: atrsolartech & treehugger
While the solar and wind power industries have certainly overcome technical and logistical challenges with overwhelming success in recent weeks, the Skystream Hybrid 6 hopes to pool the research efforts and hardware development of both markets together!

In earnestness, the Skystream Hybrid 6 boasts a relatively simple, minimalist design: six solar panels are attached to a wind turbine's central stack, allowing both mechanisms to effectively collect energy. A GPS-controlled tracking system rotates both the solar cells and turbine in order to capitalize on the available sunlight and wind streams, increasing the energy yield by 30%. The combination of technologies means that the entire tower has a more sleek profile, costs less and ultimately requires less bureaucratic negotiation to install. According to developer ATR Solar Tech, units will be available for purchase beginning this month, though the price remains up in the air.