German Engineers are Working on the Ultimate Backpack for Flying

 - Jan 10, 2013
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Skyflash is the ultimate backpack airplane to fly just like a bird. The only difference to the commonly known birds is a 160 hp double jet-engine power plant mounted right in the back of the pilot.

The pilot takes off lying comfortably on a 10 foot off road landing gear. After just a few moments he gets airborne and then everything responds to the actions of his body. A slight motion of his finger accelerates; outstretching his arm starts a turn. Finally, he can bend his knees and turn skywards.

The wings are worn just like a backpack and weigh only 60lb. Rides up to 200 miles are possible with just a few gallons of fuel. Ceiling is finally reached at 30,000 feet, so there is plenty of enough time and space to have some fun with the smaller birds. 

Unlike a lot of other similar concepts that exist, the Skyflash is capable of taking off from any grass runway and land there again. A parachute is included just in case of an emergency.

It's being developed by a team of German engineers working on the plane for more than five years. Controlled just like a hang-glider, it might probably become the most pure flying experience anyone could have.