Man Exhibits 3rd Ear

 - Feb 2, 2008
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A disturbing and controversial new exhibition is taking place in Liverpool, UK displaying genuine skin tissue in sculptures- and as if that was not enough, Sk-interfaces at FACT have included thought-provoking items such as a tiny coat made from human and rodent skin that will grow over the course of the exhibition; a brain incorporating fluorescent green moss; and a ready-to-wear jacket made of skin (thankfully, synthetic skin this time).

Scientists from the University of Liverpool are behind these mentally-challenging exhibits with the purpose of examining the concept skin and art.

The ideas behind the unusual exhibits came from artists but the actual creations were left to a group of scientists from the University of Liverpool. These scientists will share the platform with 15 other international artists as they take part in the Capital of Culture programme.

One of these international artists, Stelarc, his futuristic sounding name and demeanor attaches itself very easily to his own out-of-this-world exhibit. He will be displaying his third ear that lives in the middle of his forearm - the ear will be attached to a microphone and then to the Internet, so that people can hear what the ear hears.

Distasteful? Disturbing? Artist responsibility? Ethics and this exhibition? Your concerns will fall on 'third' ears.