The 'Sixteen Saltines' Jack White Music Video is Destructive

 - Apr 9, 2012
The 'Sixteen Saltines' Jack White music video is a violently chaotic mashup of unruly youth and 90s throwback technique. Jack White's long anticipated solo debut 'Blunderbuss' is set to be released April 24th. The music video merely fuels the tension of waiting for the certainly promising record.

The video is directed by AG Rojas, who has done work for the likes of Spiritualized and Earl Sweatshirt. White is held hostage by a uncontrollable group of kids. Varying in age, the crew each has his/her brand of poison. Kids are getting ripped, smoking out of gas masks, setting cars on fire and tattooing their faces. This world allows firework propelled skateboards indoors. Though apocalypse-like and evidently dangerous, the artistic direction of the film makes viewers want to be a part of the youthful recklessness.