Switcharoo by the Sincerely Hana Blog Swaps Clothes

 - Apr 13, 2013
References: facebook & sincerelyhana
This hilarious project by the Sincerely Hana Blog gets couples to swap each other's clothes and pose for photographs. In the images, which are certain to give you a chuckle, men struggle to fit into their girlfriends high-waisted hot pants and woman automatically take on more masculine stances, once they've tried on their other half's shirts.

The artist says that the Switcharoo series is an ongoing personal project that she loves doing. The artist is a self-taught Canadian photographer who currently resides in Vancouver. Hana says her artistic interests lie in capturing the "little moments" that can pass us by in life, without being committed to camera. The Vancouver gal also says on her site that she hopes her whimsical portraits will "inspire more people to take pictures in their everyday lives."