This Silver Mesh Lets Users Concentrate Heat On Body Parts

 - Jul 6, 2015
References: & gizmag
Researchers from the USA and Korea have teamed up to create a battery-powered silver mesh that is capable of applying heat when worn on a particular body part. The mesh consists of interlocking silver nanowires sandwiched between a pair of insulating yet breathable layers of a transparent material.

The wires forming the silver mesh wearables can freely expand and contract, which makes it possible for them to conform to the contours of knees, wrists and so on.

This silver mesh technology will be useful for injury treatment; while people often end up using interventions such as hot water bottles and microwavable heat packs, these products don't stay where they are and can't be comfortable used on the go. In addition to being used for injury rehabilitation, the technology could also be used in sports apparel or car seats.