Galareh Mizrahi's Neon Green Bodega Tote is a Vibrant Statement Piece

 - Mar 18, 2019
References: gelarehmizrahi
Gelareh Mizrahi's neon green Bodega bag is the accessory designer's latest iteration of the iconic shopper tote she's best known for. Creating vibrant and playful accessories, Galareh Mizrahi offers a selection of bold supermarket-inspired shopper totes in a variety of fabric choices and colorways.

While the designer originally released leather and python versions of her shopper tote, her more recent bestsellers include transparent shoppers in both classic and holographic styles. Ideal for summer beach trips, this exclusive statement tote is handheld and functional while drawing attention with its neon green hue.

This bold bodega bag is reminiscent of plastic grocery store bags and is accented with a layered text graphic reading "thank you" in both solid and outlined typefaces.