Shop for Change Empowers Farmers Through Fair Trade Certification

 - Jul 7, 2012
Set up to address the desperate situation facing farmers and artisans in India, Shop for Change is a not-for-profit company providing fair trade certification services and spreading awareness on the issue across the nation. In addition to certification and awareness, the organization offers business services, which engages brands and introduces them to potential fair trade suppliers and producer services, which ensure producer groups are prepared and qualified for certification.

Shop for Change was created in a partnership between India's NGOs International Resources for Fairer Trade (IRFT) and the United Kingdom's Traidcraft Exchange in light of the peril and high suicide rate amongst marginalized farmers and artisans in the South Asian country.

By empowering sustainable economic growth for farmers and artisans in India, Shop for Change is enabling growth for the social enterprise industry within the country as a whole.

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