Artist Nicolas Milhe Created These Sheep Sculptures with Golden Horns

 - Dec 7, 2013
References: samyabraham & sweet-station
These beautiful sheep sculptures come from artist Nicolas Milhe. There’s something extremely intriguing about these stuffed animal artworks. These sheep sculptures were made with golden horns, that add an air of luxury to an otherwise unluxurious subject.

A sheep is a farm animal, and farm animals aren’t typically thought of as being glamorous or extravagant. Milhe transforms these woolly creatures into valuable four-legged commodities.  These magical creatures seem to be at odds with themselves. They each have swirling golden horns, but their fluffy coats appear to be filthy. Blending a filthy animal with an expensive material like gold makes these artworks thought-provoking.

Nicolas Milhe has created a few art collections which focus on animals, but these sculptures stand out. Milhe shines a light on an under-appreciated animal with this series. His delightful sheep sculptures are attention-grabbing and fun to look at.