The Sharking Knife Presents a Warning Fin Just Above the Water's Surface

 - Nov 7, 2013
References: yankodesign
A favorite dish-washing technique is to throw a whole bunch of dirty eating utensils into the kitchen basin, allowing them to sink down and soak so that you can tackle them conveniently one by one. The Sharking Knife makes this method a great deal safer, should you be in the habit of treating your blades this way too.

Jeong Eunjoo, Kim Sangun, JungJun Park and Kang Yujin have redesigned the common dicing implement so that it has a second capacity beyond sharpness. The culinary tool has an air pocket in the handle, causing the handgrip to float in your dish water so that it's always visible. The pointed tip of the Sharking Knife angles downwards so that you're far less at risk of cutting yourself while washing up after dinner.