Shape-Shifting Dishwasher

 - Mar 4, 2008
References: & ubergizmo
A big problem with conventional dishwashers today is that in order to be eco-conscious (save water, energy and detergent) we have to wait until the machine is full before using it. Paul Frigout from Coventry University has an answer for our piling dishes in the form of a shape-shifting dishwasher with a movable partition. This changes the size of the washing compartment so it can easily accommodate small or large loads.

When the dishwasher is switched on, it washes only those dishes on one side of the partition. The other area could be used to store clean dishes, or used for an alternate cycle of washing while the first section is still drying. Perfect for a person living alone or a family that eats out often. Now you can be hygienic and environment friendly at the same time!