The 'Sensory Maps' by Kate McLean Visualize Urban Smellscapes

 - Jun 1, 2013
References: sensorymaps & fastcoexist
Mapping out the unseen and ignored, sensory researcher Kate McLean created a series of "smell maps" called 'Sensory Maps.' The maps graph out odor across six cities. Since conventional maps focus solely on the landscape of a location, people are not aware of the smells around them. McLean wanted to help people "use their noses, to become more aware of the smells that go to make up our urban environments."

Each map has a series of odor landmarks called "smellmarks" with long curved lines indicating where the smells extends to. Some smellmarks that McLean used includes brewery malt fumes, fish & chip shops and vomit.

By creating these maps of urban smellscapes, McLean hopes that smell will be taken into a stronger consideration during city planning. More information about smells will help officials place an emphasis on protecting the smell of public spaces.