Minjeong An's Self-Portrait Diagrams are Extremely Detailed

 - Jan 15, 2012
References: thisiscolossal & notcot.org
Minjeong An has created some pretty amazing artwork in the past, but these Self-Portrait Diagrams take the cake on being the artist's most intricately detailed designs yet. The diagrams illustrate the complicated workings of the human body that combine art with mathematics as well as science.

Looking at the images from the Self-Portrait Diagrams series is like taking someone's body and deconstructing it right down to its core. The artwork is so visually stunning that it's hard to comprehend the amount of work that Minjeong An put into creating it. All of the labels and lines within the Self-Portrait Diagrams take me back to science class in junior high; in the best way possible that is.

Take a look at the Self-Portrait Diagrams series for an intense look into what could very well be yourself.