The Self Diet Tapper System Will Encourage You Via SMS Throughout the Day

 - Aug 17, 2011
References: self & mashable
Self (a women's health and lifestyle magazine) just launched the open beta to a new, text-based dieting program called the 'Self Diet Tapper system.' For just 10 cents a day, you'll receive SMS messages that instruct you on what to eat, how to stay fit and how much to drink!

Despite being called a "system," the Self Diet Tapper system resembles a support network rather than a rigid regime. Engineering by dieticians and health experts, the mobile service will text you guidelines and tips at crucial points throughout the day. So before you reach for a pizza slice at lunchtime, you'll receive a message explaining the importance of a balanced midday meal.

You may think even 10 cents per day is steep for unnecessary nagging, but studies show that 26% of the subscribers succumbed to the harassment and chose to take the healthier route. It may not be an impressive statistic, but I've always found that a gentle prod is enough encourage to do great things!