'Segway Polo' Puts a Modern Twist on This Traditional Sport

 - Sep 17, 2015
References: businessinsider & gqindia
Segway Polo is an emerging sport that marries a very traditional athletic activity with modern technology. Polo is typically played with horses but this new variation replaces them with Segways -- the battery-powered electric vehicles that essentially let riders run or walk without any effort.

The game is rather simple and follows in the footsteps of its previous incarnation. Five players on each team play for eight minute quarters trying to get the rubber ball past the opposing team's goalie. The modern version still maintains the mallets.

Although it sounds extremely fun, there is a bit of danger involved if you are unfamiliar with Segways. They drive at top speeds of 12 miles per hour and twisting and turning them while playing polo is trickier than it sounds.