The Seed Dispenser Assists to Sow a Potentially More Successful Garden

 - Aug 7, 2012
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When you're already struggling with the discomfort of being on your hands and knees in your backyard, the Seed Dispenser becomes all the more appreciated. You movements can be awkward and resultant sprinkling of the tiny vegetable seeds can end up in inefficient clumps with a low prospect of eventually forming plants.

This handheld contraption is shaped like one quadrant of a circle with its three sides comprising an ergonomic handle, a hatch for inserting the little kernels and a rounded section with a pair of spikes. The spikes thrust out with the touch of a button and help you to draw channels in the soil for prime planting. Another button at one corner of Prisca Soyoung Bae's Seed Dispenser releases the contents at a moderate rate.