See Change Design by Amy TerKeurst Makes the Unbelievable Believable

 - Jun 24, 2011
References: etsy
Have you lost faith in fictional fantasy creatures? Artist Amy TerKeurst helps non-believers believe with her whimsical illustrations.

Amy TerKeurst is the creator of See Change Design, a design company run through her Etsy shop. This imaginative artist brings furry fantasy friends to life with her skilled drawing supplies. Amy sketches peace sign-dropping Sasquatches and Lochness monsters in love. Below these mythical monsters, Amy provides the statistics of her subjects. Learn about the original sighting of the Sasquatch, and the locations that the Lochness monster prefers.

All of the prints available through See Change Design are colorful and creative. Frame a fantasy creature for friends or family members who are mystical-meisters. These See Change Design images are immensely imaginative and give life to mythical monsters.

Implications - Current entertainment trends are embracing elements of mysticism and magic. Consumers appreciate products with fantasy elements for their ability to convey their values for imagination and belief. Companies can incorporate these qualities into their products to appeal to younger demographics.