The Deep Sea Diver Tea Strainer Mimics Divers

 - Aug 1, 2012
References: likecool & gizmodo
The 'Deep Sea Diver Tea Strainer' introduces yet another interesting take on the steeping of tea. Steeped tea has become somewhat of a contemporary culinary fixture, preferred for its robust taste and its noted authenticity. Stores such as 'David's Tea' have capitalized on this delicious movement, producing exotic brews and even more exotic methods of delivery.

This Deep Sea Diver Tea Strainer is one of the more unusual ways to produce steeped tea from home. The little silicone figure is attached to an orange-hued air pump, mimicking the exact outfits worn by professional scuba divers. Its miniature features are adorable to say the least, and will furthermore attract even more attention to the flavorful beverage.