These Screwdriver Necklaces Bring Some Grittiness to Fine Jewelry

 - Mar 10, 2014
References: ericaweiner &
These screwdriver necklaces add some toughness to the delicateness of women's jewelry. The necklaces are made of porcelain but emit a high-class luxury feel.

Going by typical gender roles, women aren't generally seen with tools and men aren't typically seen with dainty jewelry, but this set is flipping both those conventions upside down. The set is made by Erica Weiner and it features a white porcelain "handle" for the screwdriver and a gold and silver bit at the top. The screwdrivers also come in Phillips head if the user so wishes.

While the screwdriver necklace would be at home around the neck of a woman, the style of the pendant leaves room for a man to wear it as well.