The Screwdriver Hammer Can Install and Remove All Types of Hardware

 - Jan 11, 2014
Nails and screws have sufficient practical similarities that would make the Screwdriver Hammer particularly useful. This conceptual tool offers the handyman the option of installing and removing all sorts of metal bits with a single apparatus.

Together, Professor Bao Haimo collaborated with Cui Weijian, Tang Ya, Hou Delin and Tian Cong to win a 2013 Red Dot Design Award with this idea. It consists of a subtly ribbed shaft that's easy to grip, and two tips that serve different purposes.

Should you need to work with nails, pivot the broader end of the Screwdriver Hammer so that it forms a mallet head. One side of it even serves as a pry. To deal with screws, turn the tool bench must-have into a straight handle again and use it from the other tip.