Scott Scheidly Questions Political Figures' Sexuality in New Series

 - May 18, 2012
References: flounderart & booooooom
Scott Scheidly isn’t holding back whatsoever in his shocking new painting series entitled ‘Fabulous.’ In it, he depicts political tyrants like Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Kim Jong-il as flamboyant leaders that are openly gay. Though Scheidly uses many stereotypical motifs, such as the color pink and an abundance of fashion accessories, to convey his subjects as homosexuals, he most likely wanted to incite visceral outrage from his viewers from simply staring at these images, so in that respect, he was successful. Personally, I can’t help but laugh at how ludicrous these paintings are.

To amplify the "fabulousness" of these masterpieces, Scott Scheidly put his works in hot pink frames. It’s a collection that’s comprised of wonderfully bizarre elements, and the strong juxtaposition of anti-gay supporters with stereotypically gay motifs is quite humorous.