Doctor Who Comes to Pixelated Life in 16-Bit Thanks to College Humor

 - Mar 9, 2013
References: doctoroctoroc & laughingsquid
Given Doctor Who's unparalleled popularity in the pseudo-comedic British sci-fi genre, it's only a matter of time until someone takes Doctor Who into the realm of gaming sci-fi adaptations.

Until that time comes, however, this awesome video of a theoretical 16-bit Doctor Who role playing game will have to do. The video from College Humor and Doctoroc will bring a nostalgic tear to the eye of any vintage gamer or Doctor Who fan. The video covers the events of the fifth and sixth season of the rebooted series starring Matt Smith as the Doctor. Though the humor may be a little dense and impenetrable for anyone who isn't familiar with the Doctor's latest adventures, vintage gamers will appreciate the subtle references to 16-Bit classics like Final Fantasy and Super Metroid. Hopefully this video will kickstart a slew of vintage sci-fi adaptations.