Troy Coulterman's Scary Art Series Plays with the Human Form

 - May 31, 2013
References: whokilledbambi & juxtapoz
This scary art series by Canadian Troy Coulterman puts a bizarre twist on the human form. These eerily contorted sculptures depict people with nightmarish growths or strangely distorted bodies. One of these terrifying sculptures portrays a faceless woman. It almost looks like there is a black hole opening up where her face used to be that sucked it inward.

Another of these peculiar human based sculptures features the face of a man that seems to have been swallowed up by a large thumb. This is neat because a thumbprint is all that's really needed to identify someone and this mustached man's identity seems to have swallowed him whole.

Lastly, there is a sculpture of a man who has a gigantic brain covering up most of his upper body. It almost looks like this mammoth brain hopped on for a piggy-back ride. These intriguing surreal sculptures are chilling and thought-provoking.