Scale by Nadav Caspi Uses its Exquisite Material Properties to Quantify

 - Jul 29, 2012
References: yankodesign
The hi-tech option is not always going to be the most impressive, as products like Scale by Nadav Caspi suffice to prove. There's no digital display, no electronic components at all, and certainly no decimal accuracy to weighing different culinary ingredients. But this elegant item will not leave you wanting.

How often do you need precision to 0.01 of a gram anyway? This gorgeous wood-mounted gauge certainly sticks to the mark, but leaves the reading up to an approximate interpretation. This system is a result of the assembly of Scale by Nadav Caspi, relying on a thin curled strip of cantilevered metal that bows deeper under the pressure of the load in its bowl. As the appliance flexes, its tip points to a ladder of numbers that correspond to mass.