'Savior Bud' Gathers Potable Moisture from Tree Leaves

 - Oct 30, 2009   Updated: Aug 11 2011
References: yankodesign & ecofriend
The 'Savior Bud' water collection device uses a tree's natural recycling processes to obtain water for human consumption. Kim Hyo Jin and Seol Ah Sun presented their eco-friendly design at the Seoul Design competition and were awarded the Silver Haechi Prize.

The portable water collection device can be attached to tree leaves, where it captures water and stores it in a container. It takes the Savior Bud about four hours to collect a cup of water.

Implications - Water is a scarce resource in Africa, and the Savior Bud is a substantial step towards conserving fresh water for the famished and impoverished population. The process begins by collecting leftover moisture from leaves and emptying it into containers. The hydration impediments in Africa stem from a lack of availability, but also polluted and undrinkable water. Savior Bud is a hopeful beginning.