The Savant 'Cloud' Photography Series is Sunny and Stylish

The Savant 'Cloud' series is definitely proof that the clothing label had their head in the clouds when planning this series of adorable ads. This cumulus cumulation of captures depicts some of Savant's cooler clothing--perfect for sizzling summertime temperatures. The models were all photographed in front of a breezy, blue backdrop speckled with fluffy clouds, and most of them hold shiny letter balloons spelling out the brand name. Their apparel is airy, light and simplistic, and their makeup is applied very naturally. This very airy photographic collection is sure to inspire spring and summer style ideas.

The Savant 'Cloud' photography fashion ads definitely give me a lighthearted and vibrant vibe. The ads perfectly and playfully portray chic summer styles.

Be cool and look cooler this summer with Savant's summer styles!